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The inherent Human Knowledge to Cure Oneself with Herbs and Food

Posted by Boekengedachten on Thursday, September 8, 2011, In : Anastasia 

The following excerpt is taken from Book 8-1 from the Ringing Cedar Series (1). In this part Anastasia (2) talks about the inherent knowledge that would be planted in us, that would allow us to heal ourselves:

"Think about it. Your dog knows what herbs she needs to eat when she comes down with an ailment. And a cat will know to run to the forest to find a herb she requires. But nobody wrote them a prescription. A bee knows all about extracting nectar from a flower, building a honeycomb and sto...
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The Original meaning of Throwing Rice during the Wedding Ceremony

Posted by BoekenGedachten on Thursday, August 11, 2011, In : Anastasia 
Sometimes while reading certain passages of a book I experience a sense of beauty. As a Record Keeper I feel like saving those fragments somewhere, so I can take a look at them again in the future. On top of that the internet makes it easy for others to read these 'pearls of beauty' as well.

What follows is a part from the seventh book in the Ringing Cedar Series by Vladimir Megré on Anastasia.

"A comparative analysis of today's wedding rites and the one described by Anastasia fosters the imp...
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