The following excerpt is taken from Book 8-1 from the Ringing Cedar Series (1). In this part Anastasia (2) talks about the inherent knowledge that would be planted in us, that would allow us to heal ourselves:

"Think about it. Your dog knows what herbs she needs to eat when she comes down with an ailment. And a cat will know to run to the forest to find a herb she requires. But nobody wrote them a prescription. A bee knows all about extracting nectar from a flower, building a honeycomb and storing honey in it, and gathering pollen. And what raising the next generation is all about. If one link in the chain of knowledge the bee family is endowed with, should be removed, the whole family would die out.

But bees continue to exist today. And that can only mean one thing: the Creator has given them all the knowledge they need right from the start., right at the moment of their creation. And that is why the bees have not died out, but have lived for millions of years, and are still building their unique honeycombs even today, just as in the first moment of their creation.

And the ants too, continue to build their homes. And flowers continue to unfold their petals with the advance of each new dawn, just as on the first day of their creation. And the apple, pear and cherry trees know exactly what kind of juices they need from the ground to grown their fruit. All information is given to them right at their inception, right at the moment of their creation. And Man is no exception.

...[all this knowledge] is preserved in every single Man. And the therapeutic recipe for the healing herbal tea one that every Man is free to compile for himself." (pp.61-62)


(1) The New Civilization by Vladimir Megré (2005, 2007)
(2) For more on Anastasia click the tag ''Anastasia'' below this article.